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How to Nominate

What does the word Chaguo mean?

The word Chaguo is a Kiswahili word from East Africa meaning “Choice”.

Where will the awards take place?

The awards will be a virtual awards ceremony that will bring to life the enormous impact that the youth are having in the continents creative economy through a unique digital experience. The event will be an engaging and entertaining experience as well as recognizing and celebrating Africa’s rising stars. The event will be streamed via various platforms and media across Africa.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes. Simply the “Nominate Now” button on the landing page then you will be redirected to the nomination page. Click on a category that you would like to nominate yourself in. Type in your name and paste a link to your social media pages/your content, then click on submit.

Can I nominate one individual in more than one category?

Yes. You are allowed to nominate an individual in as many categories as you feel they deserve. 

How many times can I nominate someone in the same category?

Only once.

How are the winners determined?

The choice purely lies with the voters. The winners will determined as per the number of votes garnered. 

Can I nominate/vote for someone in another country other than my country of origin?

You are allowed to nominate someone from another country but only within their country awards e.g. If artist Y is from Uganda and you are from Nigeria, you can only nominate artiste Y for an award in Uganda. However, at the Africa stage, you are allowed to vote for any artiste irrespective of their country.

How do I find out if I have been nominated?

Everyone who has been nominated will be displayed on the website under each category prior to the unveiling of the official nominees.

Can I attend the awards ceremony?

No. Unfortunately due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic we would not be able to host fans and artistes for the event. We highly recommend that you enjoy the show from the comfort of your house. Let’s adhere to the health guidelines and keep everyone safe!

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