About Us

Chaguo Africa Awards is a product of the biggest youth magazine in Kenya – The Insyder Magazine. The awards boasts of a very rich heritage drawn from its predecessor, Kenya’s biggest teen awards, Chaguo La Teeniez Awards which was established in 2002. For over a decade, the awards has been able to engage and celebrate the young and creative minds, unearthing some of the continent’s biggest stars from Kenya. Extrapolating this kind of success to the continental stage, the awards aims to recognize and pioneer new talent by providing a platform that enables and empowers the vibrancy of a sustainable creative economy.

With a diversified scope of interest, Chaguo Africa Awards has created the most prestigious and comprehensive platform to engage, entertain and empower the youth across the continent. This has been achieved by creating an awards for the youth and by the youth while adapting to the fast evolving trends within the creative economy. This is a celebration of the youth culture!


The awards was founded by Kenya’s biggest youth magazine (The Insyder Magazine) in 2002 as Chaguo La Teeniez Awards. The Insyder brand set out on this venture after a huge demand by the youth to create an awards platform that will allow them to recognize and celebrate their own stars. Responding to the plight, the brand then created an awards experience that exceeded the expectations of the youth and echoed its success across the continent. 

From inception, the awards quickly gained popularity amongst the youth and the creative industry players. It became a face off ground for creatives and fans since the winners were purely based on voting merit. In a quest to get feted, artistes and creatives rose to the occasion with epic stunts, red carpet glamour and stunning moments to impress their fans. It became the media magnet of the year as all cameras and eyeballs set their sight on the annual event. The awards quickly established the region’s showbiz in relentless blossom.

Chaguo La Teeniez Awards grew into a national phenomenon as the impact of the awards improved the creative economy of the region significantly. The awards event developed the country’s pop culture and creative economy massively. In the words of renowned rapper and Big Brother finalist, Prezzo, “Thanks to the Awards, there was a face to the name. I started demanding flight tickets to perform in shows outside the capital city, I started getting shows in Tanzania and Uganda. Other artistes also started getting paid well.” This came after his magical moment at the awards which was dubbed the greatest Kenyan celebrity publicity stunt of our time. 

The awards proceeded to play an instrumental role in establishing the careers of most of the regions renowned artistes and creatives. It became a clear validation of an artistes success in the industry and eventually unearthed new talents. It also acted as a link between corporates and the creative economy at a time when the link wasn’t there. In the words of International Reggae and World Music Awards winner, Wyre “Chaguo showed the influence or popularity you had with the youth, and most corporates were looking for that connect. So winning the awards also gave you validation with the corporates.” 

With the crucial role of setting the standards and defining the trajectory of the industry based on the demands from the youth market, the awards decided to take a break. Through this period, the awards organizers were able to gather insights from the youth and do an intensive market research to repackage tht awards to have more value to the youth. Hence Chaguo Africa Awards in 2020.